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    A second batch of #OLTM images was just sent out by email. If you are any of the following:

    • Fan sites who are yet to receive one
    • Competition/top ranking fans on The Hunger Games Explorer
    • Former District Mayors or Recruiters from the first film’s campaign
    • Fan of the Week winners

    you may have been included in this set - so check your emails and spam folders for an email from district13.co.in!

    If you get one - make sure to let us know on here or Twitter @quarterquellorg, post it, tweet it, Instagram it, and most importantly USE THE HASHTAG #OLTM

    We have just received this image with the caption 

    #OLTM \\ District13.Co.in /// 21.08.14

    What have the rebels got in store for us tomorrow…

    See the other images sent out to fan sites today here

    Producer Nina Jacobson has accepted panempropaganda's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nomination…

    Jennifer Lawrence, Jena Malone and Natalie Dormer, you’re up!

    Donate to the ALS Association here

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